Friday, January 29, 2010

Dade City, Florida. I am going to try adding to this blog at irregular intervals as I set out traveling. If anybody does not wish to receive these, please let me know. There is no telling what I might discuss, but possible topics are: general observations as I travel, the Urantia Book, meeting with groups who study the Urantia Book, and Sheila Keene-Lund’s excellent book “Heaven is not the Last Stop.”

Those of you who do not know about the Urantia Book, it is a new revelation about the nature of God and the universe which was published in 1955. I find its teachings satisfying; I have found in them an inner peace which I never knew before. Sheila’s book correlates the teachings of this new revelation with current spiritual issues and the spiritual history of our world. Those of you in South Carolina or southwestern New York/ northwestern Pennsylvania who wish a copy of the Urantia Book, I should have copies to give out when I get there (hear that Mike?). (Colleen and Debbie, I have a copy of Sheila’s book for your mother.)

Urantia is the name of our planet on universe records. For more information about the Urantia Book, see the Urantia Foundation website. There are other websites, for example one discusses new scientific confirmations of statements in the Urantia Book and another explains how modern astronomy fits in with its teachings. I will add links when I get things set up. If you have specific questions I would be happy to discuss them.

Every other day or so I take a power walk of four to six miles on a nearby trail which starts near where I am parked and goes North for 46 miles. It is called the Withlacoochee Trail and was built on an old railroad line. The hawk photo was snapped from my front step, but I have seen similar birds along this trail. One day I saw six deer, the fauns would stop and stare but scampered away when mommy came along; afterwards daddy went across the trail in a hurry, he didn’t stop to mess around or gape at strangers.

Next Wednesday I will hit the road. When pulling the Wyoming I like to enjoy the trip, so I only go about 350 miles a day which would put the first stop at De Funiak Springs Florida. I was surprised to learn there is a reader nearby, in fact John lives only five miles from the campground—within walking distance!